Tasty Maremma: the Wine & Flavors Route


Here below is a lovely video filmed along the Colli di Maremma Wine & Flavors Route (Strada del Vino e dei Sapori), a gastronomic itinerary passing through different locations in southern Tuscany.

The video starts in the areas of Orbetello Lagoon and Monte Argentario (Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano), showing their fishermen at work, local gastronomy and attractions.

The next stop is in Capalbio, a local wine cellar and the esoteric Tarot Garden. Your mouth will water as you see the traditional Tortelli Maremmani being cooked!

The video ends with some idyllic landscapes that are typical of the countryside in southern Tuscany, including the majestic Maremmana breed of cattle.

Wine and Flavors route in Maremma Tuscany

The filmed route is called “Il Percorso Dell’acqua, Dei Colori, Delle Meraviglie” (the path of water, colors and wonders), and comprises the areas of Capalbio, Monte Argentario, Orbetello, GrossetoGiglio Island. The D.O.C. wine produced here are the Capalbio, Parrina and Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario labels.

The other routes (not included in the following videos) are called Il Percorso Dei Sapori, Dei Profumi, Dell’incanto (path of flavors, aromas and charm), including Magliano in Toscana, Scansano, Campagnatico, Roccalbegna, Semproniano e Manciano, producing the Scansano D.O.C. wine – and the Tufa Rock Path with Sorano, Pitigliano and Manciano, famous for the Bianco di Pitigliano and Sovana labels.


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