Ansonica Wine from Tuscany’s Silver Coast

Ansonica Wine Tuscany Argentario

Ansonica is a light wine produced in the vineyards of Maremma Tuscany, specifically in the Argentario (or Silver Coast) area near Orbetello, Capalbio, Manciano and the Islands of Giglio and Elba.

whitewinetuscanyThe ansonica is a vigorous grape variety with medium sized berries of yellow-green color. Because of the robust constitution of the plant and the organoleptic qualities of the grape, it can only be found in southern Tuscany and in western Sicily, where it is called Inzolia. Nevertheless, the Tuscan and Sicilian Ansonica wines taste quite different.

The Tuscan Ansonica wines feature a straw yellow color, a slightly fruited fragrance, and a taste that is dry, soft, lively and harmonic.

The “Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario” wine was awarded with the DOC label in 1995. It goes really well with seafood and is ideal for aperitifs too.

Little is known about the origins of Ansonica. Most people believe that it comes from Sicily, where it was brought first by Normans, while others think that it is related to Greek varieties Rhoditis and Sideritis.

Local archaeologic findings prove that the wine tradition on the Silver Coast and Maremma Tuscany dates back to Etruscan and Roman times, when winemaking was already one of the main economic activities of the area.

Video: Ansonica vineyards on Giglio Island

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