The Majestic Forte Stella In Porto Ercole

Forte Stella is a beautiful star-shaped fort perched on a hill overlooking the sea village of Porto Ercole. The Spanish built it in the sixteenth century during the so-called Reale Stato dei Presidi.

To construct such an imposing structure, the Spanish turned to Cosimo de’ Medici, who recommended the architectural skills of Bernardo Buontalenti and Giovanni Camerini.

The Majestic Forte Stella In Porto Ercole

The fort was initially used as a lookout tower; today, it’s easy for you to imagine why as you gaze out from the fort at the breathtaking panorama. An enormous stretch of coast is visible to the naked eye, from the southern Argentario shores to Capo Linaro near Civitavecchia.

Visitors today can visit the inside of Fort Stella and stroll along its external walls. Modern art exhibitions are often held there too.

Souce: Turismo in Toscana

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