Suvereto: a medieval gem in the Maremma

Suvereto is a lovely medieval hamlet that is part of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” list. It is located in the green Cornia Valley, nestled on the hills that roll down towards the Etruscan Coast in the Maremma Livornese.

suvereto maremma tuscany
Charming Suvereto – photo from Comune di Suvereto

Encircled by ancient walls, the village features harmonious architecture, historic palaces, pebbly alleys, shaded colonnades and evocative churches. The town is dominated by the Rocca Aldobrandesca di Suvereto, a fortress from the XII century.

There are little shops in the center where artisans proudly display their artwork, which results from traditions and skills passed on from generation to generation. Not only can you buy wrought-iron objects and products of the local craftsmanship, but you can also visit museums like the “Artistic Museum of the Doll”, featuring a prestigious collection of unique items from the ‘800 up to today.

The classic Palio competition – photo from

Traditional local events include the Palio di Suvereto, a competition during which teams of two roll huge casks weighing up to 500 kilos through the pebbly roads of the historic center! The event takes place twice a year: the Palio di Santa Croce is in May, while the Palio dell’Imperatore is in August. Suvereto also celebrates its gastronomic tradition through food festivals like the Wild Boar Feast.

Surrounding Suvereto are woods of cork oaks, chestnut trees, olive groves and vineyards. The area is crossed by the Strada del Vino (Wine Trail), producing the D.O.C. labeled Val di Cornia Suvereto. Important wineries can be found here including the Cantina Petra (or Cantina Moretti), which features a modern and alternative design conceived by Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Explore Suvereto a bit more through this slide show of beautiful images!

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