Fauna trail on eco-friendly golf course in Tuscany

Argentario Golf Club, Tuscany

You can play golf under the Tuscan sun while learning about the Maremma’s diverse fauna in southern Tuscany! You can admire many animals while playing at the Argentario Golf Club, which is located in a protected area only 5 minutes away from the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve and from the WWF-managed Orbetello Lagoon.

While you explore the 18-hole golf course, whether golfing or simply hiking through the jogging trails, you will find informative signs with a photo and a description of the local fauna (bilingual texts in Italian and English). This nature path is great for tourists and local Italian players to learn about the Maremma bio-diversity.

Eco-friendly golf course, Tuscany

The Argentario Golf Club has been awarded the “Bio Agri Cert” certification for its bio eco-compatibility; in fact, all products used for its maintenance are completely natural. The surroundings are simply stunning: the Orbetello Lagoon, the sea and the hillside offer a beautiful panorama and create a microclimate that allows golf to be played at any time of the year.

Among the animals that can be found in and around the golf course and the protected area that surrounds it, there are wild boars, foxes, a variety of frogs, green lizards, Hermann’s tortoises, crested porcupines, red squirrels, hares, fallow deer, different bird species like the little egret and the long-eared owl.

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