Argentario: Exotic, Wild Beaches in Tuscany

A pristine coastline alternating sandy and rocky beaches characterize the wild Silver Coast (Costa d’Argento) in the Argentario Promontory – once an island – located in Maremma, southern Tuscany.

While the region is traditionally associated with culture, arts, vineyards and hilly countryside, Tuscany’s coasts offer some of Italy’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches.

Some of the beaches here, including Giannella and Feniglia, were awarded the Blue Flag in 2023. The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), awarded to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators as an indication of their high environmental and quality standards.

Acqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma TuscanyAcqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

Let’s explore the most beautiful beaches and coves of the Argentario

Photos and words can only do so much… you have to put Maremma’s beaches to the test yourself by visiting this unexplored part of Tuscany!

Map of Argentario Beaches, Maremma Tuscany
Map of the Argentario Beaches

Let’s travel from La Feniglia to La Giannella: here is a clockwise tour of the main beaches on Tuscany’s Silver Coast.

La Feniglia

La Feniglia Beach, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

The sandy beach of La Feniglia is located on the tombolo (the narrow piece of land that attaches an island to the mainland) that divides Orbetello Lagoon from the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is immersed in the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, so you can access this pristine 10-km beach strip only by bicycle or walking 10-20 minutes from the nearest car park. Most of it is free beach, but you will also find a couple of beach clubs with bars, restaurants and rental of sun loungers & parasols.

Le Viste

Le Viste Beach, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

While basking in the sun, you can also relive the history of Porto Ercole by admiring La Rocca fortress up on the cliff next to you. The beach and seabed are mainly sandy with some emerging rocks. Along with the free beach there is also a disabled-friendly beach club.

Acqua Dolce

Acqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma TuscanyAcqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

This is a sandy beach with small pebbles ashore and in the shallow water. You can reach it by walking about 10 minutes from the nearest car park, on a path that is about 100 meters long with a drop of 15 meters.

Spiaggia Lunga

Spiaggia Lunga, Argentario, Maremma TuscanyAcqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

This beach is a bit difficult to reach, but it is truly rewarding once you get there, with a beautiful view of the imposing Forte Stella fortress. The seabed and beach are mainly sandy with low rocky cliffs on the sides. It will take a 20-minute walk along 200 meters with a drop of 60 meters to reach it.

Mar Morto

Mar Morto, Argentario, Maremma TuscanyAcqua Dolce, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

The name of the beach literally means “Dead Sea” due to the rocky barrier that stops the waves from reaching the shore directly, forming small natural pools. The beach features pebbles with wide rocky areas, and the seabed is mostly rocky. The path to reach it is quite long (500 meters, for about 20 minutes of walk) with an average difficulty level. Be sure to bring your solar cream and a parasol, as the sun is always quite strong here. There are no bars at the beach, so do not forget your water either!

Le Cannelle

Le Cannelle Beach, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

Next up is the beach of Le Cannelle, mainly with pebbles and low lateral rocks, while the seabed is largely sandy with many submerged rocks. Next to the free beach is a disabled-friendly beach club. This place is named after the Cannelle Tower, built between 16th and 18th centuries, and can be reached with an easy 5-10 minute stroll.

Cala Piccola

Cala Piccola Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

You can reach this beautiful bay by boat or using the road that leads you to the private beach club of Cala Piccola. Opposite the beach is a famous coral cliff that subs make sure not to miss when visiting the Argentario.

Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso Bay, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

It is recommended that you avoid the hottest times of the day to reach – and especially to leave – this amazing beach. In fact, the path that connects the road above (Via dei Pionieri) to the beach is 700 meters long with quite a challenging slope. However, the beauty of the cove will reward you immensely! The inlet features small pebbles and is located opposite the Argentarola Isle, next to the ruins of an XVI-century Spanish tower on the right-side cliff.

Cala Grande

Cala Grande, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

You can admire the “Big Cove” from the Via Panoramica (the panoramic road that runs along most of the Argentario coast), and you will probably stop to take photos of the beautiful landscape as most visitors do. The bay is a hotspot for boats and yachts sailing around the promontory. There are three small beaches with pebbles and low rocky cliffs, the first of which can be reached with a 25-minute walk of medium-hard difficulty.

La Cacciarella

La Cacciarella, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

The tiny and charming sandy beach is enclosed between two rocky cliffs with characteristic flora exclusive to the Argentario cliffs. The seabed is mainly sandy with rocky lateral walls rich in flora and fauna. On the Eastern side, you can see the beautiful grotto called Grotta del Turco. The path leading to La Cacciarella is 500 meters long, with a demanding drop of 70 meters.

La Cantoniera

La Cantoniera, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

The beach here is mainly sandy with low lateral rocky cliffs, whereas the seabed is sandy with pebbles. Next to the free beach is a disabled-friendly beach club. La Cantoniera is easily reachable with a short path of 200 meters.

Bagni di Domiziano

Bagni di Domiziano, Argentario, Maremma Tuscany

This beach is mainly sandy, and its sandy seabed features some area covered with Posidonia oceanica seagrass. Here you will also spot the ruins of an ancient Roman villa. You can easily reach it from the main road.

La Giannella

Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort’s partner beach club on the Giannella
Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort’s partner beach club on the Giannella

La Giannella is on the tombolo that is opposite to La Feniglia. This is a great area for sailing sports. This sandy stretch alternates free beach with several beach clubs, restaurants and bars. There are many access points along the main road (Strada della Giannella). This is where you will find the partner Beach Club of Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, which proposes a special package called ‘Summer Dream’.

How to reach the Argentario Beaches

As the descriptions suggest, you can reach most beaches by foot. However, a great and alternative way to explore the wild nature of the Silver Coast is to rent a boat in Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole, either with or without a skipper and set out to admire the most hidden inlets and isles.

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