“Seduced by Tuscany in Winter”

Jason Horowitz of the New York Times has recently published an article on his winter experience in Tuscany, particularly in the coastal areas of Monte Argentario (Orbetello and Porto Ercole) and the countryside in Maremma.

“The Tyrrhenian Sea spilled out as always between the outstretched arms of Porto Ercole to the south and Talamone to the north. Sailboats crossed before the hazy, distant islands. Inland, the landscape hit all the familiar “Under the Tuscan Sun” touchstones: cypress trees pointing up at billowing cumulus clouds, vineyards rolling back to medieval hilltop towns.”

“[…] the absence — of crowds, cars and commotion — makes my heart grow fonder for the Tuscan off-season.”

“In Orbetello […] we watched a flamboyance of flamingos wading in the lagoon. The wetlands of Maremma attract more winter fowl — spoonbills, lapwings, snipes — than any other place in Tuscany; even without binoculars we could see the flamingos land on the still water.”

Read more about his thoughts on Maremma, activities with family and kids, and foodie experiences in his article “Seduced by Tuscany in Winter”.

“Seduced by Tuscany in Winter”

The article also appeared in print on February 7, 2016, on page TR8 of the New York edition with the headline: Seduced by Maremma’s Off-Peak Mystique.

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