Orbetello Bike Festival

About 800 bike lovers will ‘invade’ the charming lagoon town of Orbetello with their two-wheeled companions. Orbetello Bike Festival takes place on 1, 2 and 3 May 2015, involving 9 biking routes along 420 kilometers in Maremma, southern Tuscany.

The mission of the sports initiative is to spread the bicycle culture and strengthen the innovative tourist sector that ties sports, environment and culture.

The Municipality of Orbetello and the sports society of Orbetello Scalo promote and finance the event, which also counts on the precious work of local groups and companies. One of these is BicieVento, involved in promoting Maremma Tuscany with low-impact transport modes like cycling, train, trekking and sailing.

Bycicles in Orbetello, Argentario
Bicycles in the historic center of Orbetello

Participants at the Orbetello Bike Festival can choose their preferred cyclo-touristic itinerary on a daily basis, choosing from mountain bike, city/bike and road bike options every day. These are divided into three levels of difficulty (very easy, easy, and difficult). A mountain bike race will also take place in Orbetello’s city center. Have a look at the bike routes on orbetellobikefestival.com.

bicycle route argentario maremma tuscany
One of the bike routes

Photos by Nello Alberti & Orbetello Bike Festival

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