Argentario Sailing Courses – Summer 2022

The Scuola Vela Argentario (Argentario Sailing School) is one of the most renowned and appreciated sailing academies in Italy and on the Tuscan coast. Located in the Tuscany Bay Beach Club on the Giannella Strip, it is affiliated with the Italian Culture Sport Association (AICS), which is recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), and authorized by FIV.

Argentario Sailing Courses

In the 2022 summer season, this school organizes fun and educational sailing courses held by qualified and experienced instructors, including FIV federal instructors. The classes, private or collective, are divided into initiation, improvement, training, and regatta. They are available for beginners and experts, for children at least 4 years old, teens and adults. To register it is mandatory to know how to swim/float and to present a valid medical certificate of good health.

The sailing courses are open to a limited number of participants. They occur in the morning for beginners and children, and in the afternoon for the more experienced and older students. The overall duration of the weekly course usually is of 5 days, 15 hours per week from Monday to Friday, with activities on land and in the water. Upon request, it is also possible to choose courses on weekends and with different formulas.

sailing courses in maremma tuscany

Guests of the Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort enjoy a 15% discount on all courses of the Argentario sailing school from April to November 2022.

For more information, contact the school’s director and FIV federal instructor Marco Ferranti +39 345 5201605


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