Cycling in Maremma Tuscany: idyllic itineraries

The Maremma offers relatively easy cycling paths, yet it is not plain land. Its undulating territory requires bikers to have their legs ready for action through the extremely varied landscape that does not know the word ‘monotony’.

When you cycle in southern Tuscany, you can savor all the aspects of the territory: its different panoramas, atmospheres and aromas, with the flavor of an all-Italian experience, from the coffee in a ‘piazza’ (square) to a glass of wine in an ‘osteria’ (tavern), to biking through olive groves and vineyards or along white paths delimited by pines and cypresses.

Cycling in Tuscany's vineyards
Cycling in Tuscany’s vineyards – photo from

The most iconic landscapes in the Maremma can be grouped as follows:

  • Colline Metallifere – this area extends in the north of the Maremma and is perhaps the most adventurous, covering the rocky area around Mount Amiata, to the countryside with stone villages like Montieri, to the historically noble Massa Marittima on the coast.
  • Area del Tufo – the Tufa rock area lies to the south of Mount Amiata and in the inner part of Tuscany, featuring thousand-year old quarries, necropolis and ancient hamlets carved in the volcanic rock. Here you can admire the picturesque villages of Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano.
  • Costa d’Argento – the south-western part of Maremma features the breathtaking ‘silver coast’, with sandy and rocky beaches, and grazing lands, vineyards and Mediterranean pinewoods facing the intense blue sea. Here there are demanding paths for mountain bikers and light routes ideal for cyclists, such as the panoramic cycling path that crosses Orbetello Lagoon and the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve.
Cycling in Maremma Tuscany
Cycling in Maremma Tuscany – photo from

To visualize all possible cycling itineraries on a map, have a look at Piste Ciclabili.

Photos by Enrico Caracciolo on and from

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