Pottery Art in Capalbio

The medieval town of Capalbio in Maremma Tuscany is one of the region’s main artisanal and artistic centers. Among the cultural local initiatives is Capalbio Arte, which was created to promote handmade crafts.

Capalbio ceramics' - Maremma Tuscany

It particularly focuses on pottery thanks to a workshop called “La Casetta della Ceramica” (literally, The Small Ceramics’ House). Anyone is free to visit and even participate in creating pottery items.

Capalbio ceramics' - Maremma Tuscany

The pottery workshop is located in Capalbio Scalo (Via Piemonte Street). Here you’ll be able to admire lovely works as well as buy your favorite items. Also, you can attend decoration, lathe and pottery classes for children and adults.

Capalbio ceramics' - Maremma Tuscany

Collacchioni Palace in Capalbio and the Tourist Information Point at Capalbio Scalo both host permanent exhibitions of some works by Capalbio Arte.

All images are a courtesy of Pro Loco Capalbio Arte

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