It’s Carnival time in Maremma!

Carnival in Italy is a big party with long-rooted traditions. The festivals of Venice (Veneto) and Viareggio (Tuscany) are surely the most renowned, but most towns have smaller but just as interesting and dynamic Carnival parades. Here are some examples from Maremma, the beautiful area in southern Tuscany.


The charming town located in the middle of a WWF-protected lagoon celebrates Carnival with a colorful parade along its main road in the historic center. Locals compete against each other by parading with or cheering for the floats that represent their neighborhoods in what is locally known as ‘Carnevaletto da 3 soldi’ (literally ‘Three-coin small Carnival’).

Orbetello Carnival, Maremma Tuscany
Photo by Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

The breathtaking village perched on a tufa cliff – also known as the Small Jerusalem for the historical presence of a Jewish community – hosts a bizarre Carnival where the protagonists are… the “Apetti”, i.e. the tiny three-wheeled vehicles more commonly known as Ape Cars. These are transformed in small but proper allegorical floats!

Carnevape Carnival in Pitigliano, Tuscany
Photo by La Nazione

This small town, characterized by its imposing 12th-century castle, organizes a unique Medieval Carnival. Witches, jugglers, fire-eaters, minstrels, ladies and knights parade through the charming historic center.

Montorgiali Carnival in Maremma Tuscany
Photo by Carnevale di Montorgiali Facebook page

The Carnevale Follonichese takes place in the historic center and along the sea promenade, creating a fantastic display of colors and panoramas! Apart from the parades, there are mask competitions, singing contests and card tournaments.

Follonica Carnival in Maremma Tuscany
Photo by Maremma Promotion

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