Discover southern Tuscany: blogs about the Maremma

There are many enthusiast bloggers sharing their knowledge and experience about the beautiful Maremma (southern Tuscany) in entertaining and informative blogs. We at thought it would be nice to list them here!

BLOGS IN ENGLISH – well, here you are 🙂, thanks for visiting and for following our blog!! We aim at informing the online community about Maremma’s attractions, activities, traditional events, lifestyle, local food and wines. The blog is managed by Raffaella for the Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort.
Maremma Tuscany – A lovely blog (and complete website) by the Australian Elisa Scarton, who now lives in the Maremma. In her own words: “Not one to keep paradisaical holiday destinations to myself, I created this blog/website to share my love of the Tuscan Maremma, so that you too can experience it as a local, savour its flavours and traditions and have an unforgettable vacation in one of the most spectacular corners of the globe.”
Maremmans – The blog is the creation of a network of locals who love their land and have decided to promote its culture, arts, environment, sustainable development, tourism, authenticity and identity through the web and social media.
Culinary Adventures in Maremma – a blog by Chef Max Bucci: “a container of experiences and observations in the production of food and wine and cuisine of Tuscany, as seen through the eyes and the story of real life episodes.”
Fattoria La Maliosa Blog – is the blog of La Maliosa organic farm, which produces natural wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey.


Turismo in Maremma – a team of 10 local women document life, events and traditions of the territory through the blog and social networks
Maremma al Femminile – Cinzia Tagliaferri shares her thoughts and experiences on the Maremma, where she lives
Un pezzo della mia Maremma – Tamara Giorgetti shares all her knowledge about Tuscan recipes, in particular the ones from the Maremma
Podere Argo – A blog by Beatrice on her life in the Maremma where – following years of working and living abroad – she settled to make her dreams come true: to farm and to produce genuine food in a sustainable way.
Fattoria La Maliosa Blog (see above) is also available in Italian.


Maremma Geheimtipp – a precious collection of travel tips by German freelance journalist and editor Max Fleschhut, who chose the Maremma as homeland.

Have we forgotten anyone? Share in the comments below!

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