Visiting Pitigliano, the tufa rock medieval town!

Pitigliano is a beautiful, charming town built on tufa rock: it offers dramatic views of the surrounding green valleys and features medieval-style architecture full of little alleys to discover!

The old town is also known as The Little Jerusalem (Piccola Gerusalemme) for the historical presence of a Jewish community and the local Synagogue.

pitigliano maremma tuscany

Pitigliano offers some Etruscan remains for visitors to admire, as well as hints of the splendor brought under the ruling Aldobrandeschi and Orsini families in the 13th and 14th centuries. Medieval and Renaissance monuments include the former Cathedral of SS. Pietro e Paolo, the church of Santa Maria and the Orsini Fortress. One local attraction is the Tempietto (Small Temple), a small cave, probably of natural origin but considerably reworked by human hands, whose purpose and builders remain unknown.

Wine lovers can indulge with the “Bianco of Pitigliano”, the first wine to obtain the DOC certificate in Maremma.

Here is a short and lovely video accompanied by a medieval-style song for you to appreciate some glimpses of Pitigliano, which is also listed in the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy.

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