Whales spotted in the Argentario waters, southern Tuscany

Quite some time had passed since the last sighting of whales in the waters that surround the Argentario Promontory in the Maremma. But just this week, two yachtsmen spotted 3 beautiful whales at about one mile and half away from the small island of Argentarola.

Whale in Tuscany, Argentario
Whale in Tuscany, Argentario – image from Il Tirreno

There are very few photos of the sighting, but the news has quickly spread all across the social networks. This is a further confirmation of the clean waters of the Argentario, which regularly receives the Bandiera Blu award for the cleanliness of the seawater and the sustainability of the local marine management.

Whales spotted in southern Tuscany, Argentario - from Il Tirreno

Argentarola Island is a diver’s paradise, famous for the grotto that opens at 23 meters in the depths. Many other locations around the Argentario are ideal for diving and snorkeling. There is also another way of admiring different marine species: pay a visit at the Acquario Mediterraneo dell’Argentario!

Mediterranean Aquarium, Argentario, Tuscany
Mediterranean Aquarium, Argentario, Tuscany

The Aquarium was founded in 2001 and features 17 tanks with over 100 Mediterranean species living in realistic local habitats. There is also a tropical tank (built in 2013) that shows a coral reef habitat with sea anemones, clown fish and surgeonfish.

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