It’s time to harvest grapes in Tuscany!

The vendemmia, Italian word for grape harvesting, takes place in the months of September and October. The ideal timing is decided according on the weather and variables that differ from one vineyard to the other, until the grapes have the right level of sweetness.

Tourists often ask if they can participate in the grape harvest. The answer is, yes, you can briefly experience what this physically challenging activity involves, as part of a wine tour. In fact, by law, only workers that are insured can perform certain works in the fields. But wineries might let you pick a few grapes, and will certainly explain all the harvesting techniques that you will be able to witness in person.

Grape Harvest in Tuscany - Monteverro Winery

In a nutshell, grape harvesting involves the following rigorous steps: grape pickers arrive early in the morning to the vineyard, they cut bunches of grapes and put them into crates or baskets. These are collected and taken to the wine cellar where the wine making process begins, usually involving lots of machinery. But, particularly in rustic and traditional places like the Maremma Tuscany, wine making still requires a lot of manual work. In wineries such as Monteverro (Capalbio), for example, grapes are selected by hand.

Manual grape selection - Monteverro Winery, Maremma TuscanySo, visit Tuscany during fall and not only will your eyes feast on the idyllic countryside ablaze with golden and red-brown colors, you will also enjoy a number of wine tasting initiatives and wine festivals that take place all around the region to celebrate the ancient harvest and wine making traditions. Have a look at the calendar of fall & winter traditional events in the Maremma Tuscany.

Source: Turismo in Toscana
Photos: Monteverro

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