Passion For Running: Interview With Irene Righetti

We had the pleasure of interviewing Irene Righetti, a tireless runner, athletics instructor and sports journalist passionate about travel and healthy food.

Passion For Running: Interview With Irene Righetti

When did you start running, and how?
I started running when I was six years old, my dad used to run, and every Sunday, he took me with him to compete. I participated in the mini-running race, just a few meters, but I only perceived fatigue, and in all honesty, I did not like it very much. I soon switched to volleyball, then returned to running as a teenager, and I have never abandoned it since.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?
When I was a junior, I became a regional champion of cross country running and vice-champion in another year. But perhaps the test that made me happiest was running in the New York Marathon and the Etna Trail. They were two very different and demanding challenges that made me physically and mentally stronger.

Argentario running trails in Tuscany

In addition to being a runner, athletics instructor and freelance journalist, you also take care of sports-friendly trips. What are the main features of your Sports Retreats?
Before that, I was a banker: I worked in the leading credit institution in my city, Ferrara, where I was in charge of communication and sponsorships. In 2018 I quit my job to pursue my passions: travel and sport. I manage the “active travel” sector for my family’s agency, Dreamtime Travel, creating unique experiences in amazing places where everything has been tested, and nothing is left to chance. We take the participants to run in incredible places, guided by the best coaches on the national scene. We also take care of transfers for running events: marathons, half-marathons, and 10K (not majors). What we offer is care, professionalism, and exclusivity. This is why the groups we create never exceed 10-15 participants.

You plan a weekend of sport and wellness in November 2022 at the Argentario in Tuscany. Why did you choose this destination?
From 4 to 6 November we are planning a training camp in Tuscany, based at the Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort. Located in a protected oasis of Mediterranean scrub, it has all the characteristics I look for when I organize an active weekend: a magical location between the sea and the rolling hills, many trail-running routes, and a resort that allows you to recover lost energy thanks to the large wellness center, to the spacious design rooms surrounded by greenery, and to the two restaurants with seasonal cuisine, ideal for those who practice sports.

running training camp in Argentario Maremma Tuscany

Any advice for new runners?
I congratulate new runners because running gives well-being and balance, but don’t overdo it with kilometers and training, especially in this hot summer season. Go step by step and set yourself bigger and bigger goals. If you decide to participate in a race, do not start with a marathon or even a half-marathon, but opt for a 10Km-race. The body must adapt to the new sport, and so do the muscles and tendons and if you exaggerate, the risk of injury is just around the corner.

Thank you Irene!

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