Easter Lunch At Home

This Easter, we come to you!

Menu by Executive Chef Emiliano Lombardelli, wines by Sommelier Nicola Alocci, and Colomba (traditional Easter dessert) by Pastry Chef Marco Selis – don’t miss the video at the bottom!

We extend our warmest wishes for a peaceful and happy Easter to all of you! – Dama Dama Restaurant & Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

Easter Lunch At Home - Chef Recipes


Soft crispy egg and asparagus (tribute to Milan)
The wine to match: Italian sparkling wine

Potato gnocchi with guanciale and spring onions
The wine to match: Tuscan Dry White

Lamb with Roman artichokes and potatoes en papillote
The wine to match: Morellino di Scansano Riserva

Our homemade Colomba (don’t miss the video at the end of this page!)
The wine to match: traditional Vin Santo

Recipe: Soft Crispy Egg And Asparagus


4 yolks.
I put the yolks in a small porcelain cocotte, cover with extra virgin olive oil and then with plastic wrap. I cook in a steam oven at 58° for 1 hour, let it cool well, and then pass the yolks in double breading, flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. Fry over very high heat for a few seconds.

4 egg whites.
I cook the egg whites in slightly-sour water, drain them, cool them and then I create a soft and smooth cream with an immersion mixer.


20 medium asparagus.
After having cleaned them, I cook the asparagus in a vegetable broth leaving them crunchy.


150 gr seasoned pecorino cheese, 200 ml whole milk, 5 gr of butter, 1 clove of garlic, 1 catmint sprig.
I let the pecorino cheese soften in the milk with the garlic and catmint for 5 hours, then I filter and cook in bain-marie adding the butter.
I arrange the asparagus on the plates, put the crispy yolk on top, I use a sac à poche or a cooking bottle to form some dots around with the egg white cream, finally I place the warm pecorino cheese fondue. This dish is reminiscent of Milanese asparagus, I wanted to pay homage to this city that is strongly affected by this cursed virus.

The wine to match: Italian sparkling wine.

Recipe: Potato Gnocchi With Guanciale And Spring Onions


1 kg of boiled and pureed red potatoes, 280-310 gr of flour (depends on humidity), 1 yolk, salt and pepper.
I mix the potatoes with the yolk, salt, pepper and flour, form the classic gnocchi and keep aside.


I cut two slices of fairly thick guanciale (Italian cured meat product prepared from pork jowl or cheeks) into small cubes and sweat them dry in a pan until they are crisp, I separate from the fat they have released and let them dry.
I cut the onions in a julienne style and sweat them and soften them very slowly in the fat of the guanciale, then add the guanciale, cook the gnocchi in abundant salted water, drain them and toss them in the sauce.


While I cook until creamy, I add Roman pecorino cheese, chopped marjoram and black pepper.
I place everything on the place and finish with a drizzle of our magnificent organic olive oil.

The wine to match: Tuscan Dry White.

Recipe: Lamb With Roman Artichokes And Potatoes En Papillote


-4 lamb chops, 300 gr of lean lamb pulp, 200 gr of lamb coratella (interiors or innards).
I separate the ribs from the bone, flatten them slightly and bread them with flour, egg and lastly in the breadcrumbs that I previously seasoned in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and finely chopped thyme.
I finely chop the pulp in a cutter with bread soaked in milk (squeezing it well), parsley, mustard beans, eggs, salt and pepper.
I form the meatballs and cook them in a pan with garlic, rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt, and pepper.
I cut the entrails and sauté them in small pieces in a pan with chopped onion, sage, chili pepper and garlic, blend with red wine and after evaporating the alcohol I add a spoonful of tomato paste diluted in cold water, cook regulating salt and pepper.


-4 medium potatoes.
I clean the potatoes well with the peel, dry them and wrap them in aluminum foil, seasoning them with poached garlic, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and fennel flower.
I bake them in the oven at 180° C for about 30 minutes.


-4 Roman artichokes.
I cleanse the artichokes in the classic way and cook them in a pan with the stem upwards with olive oil, white wine, chillies, poached garlic, mint, pepper, salt and a little water covered with cling film or hermetically with a lid.
I place the artichokes in the center of the plate and put the coratella inside; next to them I put half of a potato and place it over the meatballs, covering them with the white wine sauce; on the opposite side I put the other half of the potato that I previously mashed with a fork with extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and very little vinegar in the center of round pastry cutter; and on top I arrange the lamb chops fried in extra virgin olive oil.

The wine to match: Morellino di Scansano Riserva.

Recipe: Our Homemade Colomba

The wine to match: traditional Vin Santo.

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