Sustainable Vacation In Tuscany: E-Car & Eco-Friendly Hotel In Maremma

Mr & Mrs T are on their longest electric trip visiting four continents – Europe, Australia, Asia and North America – all along the Tesla Supercharger network. During their visit to Italy, they chose to stop in Maremma Tuscany at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, not only because it is one of the Tesla Destination Charging Hotels, but also because of its eco-friendly approach and architecture.

Sustainable Vacation In Tuscany: E-Car & Eco-Friendly Hotel In Maremma

“Off the golf course there is a lot to see and to discover. We were impressed by beautiful design pieces and wonderful views in the rooms. The panoramic terrace invites you to let your gaze wander: Over the huge golf course, the lush green forest and the sprouting trees. Let your spirits calm just for a bit”.

Mr & Mrs T

They were impressed by the eco-spirit of the resort, which embraces various aspects. Examples include the gourmet Dama Dama Restaurant serving dishes made with local and organic ingredients; the healthy breakfast and the eco-compatible golf course.

You can read the adventures of Mr & Mrs T in Maremma in their article “Design meets the green at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort”.

Mr & Mrs T’s CO2 footprint will be compensated in partnership with the MyClimate foundation

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