“There She Blows” a short movie on Maremma

“There she Blows” is a short movie shot in spring 2014 in Maremma Tuscany by Francesco Cabras and Greenpeace Italia.

It tells the story of an expert fisherman who hands down the ancient art of artisanal fishing to the son, sharing the rhythms and the secrets of the sea, as well as the respect for the creatures that inhabit it. Meanwhile, an artist uses the sea as inspiration for his works, and tries to portray its beauty and strength. The final scenes show a frugal family dinner, during which the gifts of the sea are honored: simple and poor fish, thanks to a sustainable and eco-friendly fishing art.

“There She Blows” a short movie on Maremma

The main protagonists are portrayed by Enzo Maiorca, a famous Italian free diver who holds several world records; by Paolo Fanciulli, an inspiring eco-fisherman from Maremma (Talamone); and Roman artist Massimo Catalani.

The video was the winner of the “Foodies Challenge” organized by Expo Milano 2015. It obtained the most votes from online viewers in the category of Street Food. The popular jury appreciated the poetry in the movie, a metaphor of the constant conflict and fascination that ties man to the sea.


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