Lake Burano: between the sea and Tuscany’s countryside

Located near the medieval village of Capalbio, the WWF Oasis of Lake Burano extends for 410 hectares and features a lake with salty water, separated from the sea by a coastal dune of about 11 km and surrounded by flooded fields. Lake Burano was the first of the WWF’s oases, which are now more than 100.

burano oasis flamingoes by Fabio Cianchi.
Flamingoes in Lake Burano, photo by Fabio Cianchi on

The precious ecosystem includes flora such as sea lily, European beachgrass, Phoenician juniper, myrtle, salicornia and holm oak, among others.

The fauna features mainly birds, including coot, cormorant, pink flamingo, wild goose, pelican, marsh hawk, and white and black storks. Fallow deer and porcupines roam freely around the reserve.

lake burano visit maremma tuscany
Lake Burano, photo by W&gromit – CC BY-SA 3.0

The oasis has 14 observation points consisting of cane huts and a tower. Generally, WWF staff organize guided tours at fixed times on Sundays from the 1st of September to the 30th of April. Special guided visits are available for groups, bird-watchers and photographers. Visits during the summer must also be booked in advance.

For info, contact the local WWF office: telephone +39 0564/898829 e-mail:

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