3 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

With the glorious summer days that welcome you to Maremma, a refreshing cocktail is just what you need to chill after a day out at the beach, sightseeing, cycling, sailing, playing golf or enjoying any of the numerous activities that this part of southern Tuscany has to offer.

We stopped at La Buvette Bar near Porto Ercole (Monte Argentario), where drinks can be sipped “al fresco” on a panoramic wood terrace overlooking the Argentario golf course up to Orbetello Lagoon and the Bay of Talamone.

La Buvette Bar in Porto Ercole, Argentario, Tuscany
The views from the wood deck at La Buvette Bar

Head bartender Cecilia recommends the following 3 delicious non-alcoholic fruity cocktails that are a favorite among golfers and non-players alike at La Buvette!



Non-alcoholic cocktail with Argentario Fruits

Non-alcoholic cocktail with Argentario Fruits


Red Sanbitter (San Pellegrino’s red soda)

How to prepare it:

Put fresh strawberries, pineapple pieces, a banana cut into pieces and two or three ice cubes in the mixer, blend everything until you get a homogeneous juice. Then add the Red Sanbitter and mix again for 3 minutes.

Garnish with a strawberry.



Banana Virgin Daiquiri

Banana Virgin Daiquiri, Tuscany


Liquid cane sugar

How to prepare it:

Cut the banana in slices and put it in the mixer along with ice, liquid cane sugar (quantity of your choosing) and add one-third milk. Blend everything for 3-4 minutes until you get a homogeneous juice.

Garnish with a slice of banana and strawberry.



Virgin Melon Cocktail

Virgin Melon Cocktail


Fresh melon
Tonic water

How to prepare it:

Put the fresh melon in the mixer together with ice and blend everything until you get a homogeneous juice. Add tonic water and blend together once again.

Garnish with a piece of melon and a cherry.


Cin Cin! (Italian expression for “Cheers!”)



For more enticing photos of fresh cocktails and lush Tuscan landscapes, visit and like the Facebook page of La Buvette Argentario.

If you are visiting Porto Ercole, Porto Santo Stefano or Orbetello in the Argentario Promontory and are looking for a bar where to enjoysome drinks and have a good time in a panoramic setting, make sure to stop by at La Buvette!

La Buvette (Argentario Golf Club)
Via Acquedotto Leopoldino
58018 Porto Ercole (GR), Tuscany

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