Slow food, arts and treasure hunt in Massa Marittima

A cool initiative will take place throughout the month of November in the charming Tuscan town of Massa Marittima. The aim of the event, called Novembre Grosso (or big November), is to promote local culture, music, history, gastronomy and environment with fun activities in and around the city.

Massa Marittima cultural activities, Tuscany

There is a rich program of activities that will unfold every weekend, from the 2nd to the 24th of November, including:

  • wine, oil and chestnut tastings
  • visits to Etruscan and other archaeology sites and museums
  • jazz and Etruscan music concerts;
  • Etruscan dinners and theater shows
  • visits to Lago dell’Accesa lake and the marine aquarium
  • workshops on local mineral springs and how to fuse metals
  • medieval costume parade, flag wavers and ball
  • and many more!

Foodie lovers can delight themselves in different “Slow Food” initiatives, including tastings and dinners to relive the ancient Etruscan gastronomy, medieval wine & food traditions, and the “poor” cuisine of the historic miners’ community. In fact, Massa Marittima is located on the Colline Metallifere (“Metal-bearing Hills”) with a rich variety of metal resources that were exploited since ancient times by the Etruscans.

Massa Marittima Treasure Hunt

The whole initiative will be accompanied by a fun Treasure Hunt! Some activities will allow participants to collect stamps in the shape of a “Grosso” (Massa Marittima’s ancient coin… hence also the name of the event); the more stamps each person collects, the nicer the prize that can be collected at the end of the month! Rewards go from a copy of a Grosso (with just one stamp) all the way to a stay in a local hotel or rustic agriturismo for 2 people (you will need 21 stamps for this one!).

Will you be travelling in the area in November? If so, get ready for the scavenger hunt and for some authentic local experiences! More info on:

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