Yoga & pilates… in Tuscany’s sea and beaches!

Keeping fit at Il Faro, Tuscany

Apart from the traditional water sports that you can enjoy in southern Tuscany’s sea, such as canoeing, kite surfing, sailing and scuba diving, the Maremma also offers a breathtaking setting for other activities that you can enjoy in nature.

For example: you can practice yoga and pilates both on the beach and.. on the water! In fact, you can keep fit and challenge yourself by combining these disciplines on a SUP board, enjoying the feeling of fun and freedom transmitted by the crystalline seawater.

Yoga by the Tuscan sea

These activities are carried out in the Argentario Promontory and in Castiglione della Pescaia, north of the Maremma Nature Park.


For more information visit UnioneMenteCorpo and Bagno Il Faro (photo credits)
Source: Maremmans Blog

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